Who We Are

Our Story

Founder/CEO Gbenga Ogunjimi came to the U.S. from Nigeria to work in a U.S. State Department program for international nonprofit leaders. During this period, Gbenga observed that programs like the Peace Corps in the U.S. support young Americans to volunteer in communities in Africa. While this was a great opportunity, he realized the borders are much more difficult for business and development leaders to cross in order to support businesses in Africa. LDI Africa was created with the idea to help talented individuals gain global industry leadership through a service opportunity in an emerging market – Africa. Gbenga’s journey to create LDI Africa was also captured in the book, Organization Development and Change, by Christopher G. Worley and Thomas G. Cumming, in Chapter 21, Organization Development For Economic, Ecological, and Social Outcomes. 

Headquartered in Washington D.C and working all across Africa, LDI Africa deploys the talents of young African diaspora and other global professionals to nonprofits and businesses that are having challenges finding skilled professionals. LDI Africa is unique as it provides proven professionals around the world with the desired platform to deploy their unique skills to support businesses, schools, profit and nonprofit organizations in Africa. 

Through its U.S. based programs, LDI Africa provides the unique opportunity for African business leaders to expand their impact overseas. These leaders are provided funding, mentorship and the platform to export their products and services to an international market. 


Advance socio-economic development in Africa by connecting African professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations to the global marketplace through the service of skilled volunteers.


LDI Africa’s work is guided by a set of core beliefs:

  • We believe that Young Africans in Africa and the Diaspora have the greatest role in the sustainable development of the African continent.
  • We believe effective volunteer service in businesses and nonprofits results in stronger African institutions.
  • We believe the opening of Africa to the world through volunteer service would result in economic progress and best practices transfer to the continent at large.
  • We believe young African leaders can compete globally with the right networks and professional work opportunities.