2019 LDI Africa Fellowship: Applications open October 1, 2018

Apply to EIFP(Africa)  

The LDI Africa Emerging Institutions Fellowship Program is a yearlong professional fellowship offered twice a year for emerging leaders from around the world. Fellows serve full-time at Host organizations located either in the United States or an African country working on issues that complement their expertise.

We engage outstanding individuals who are seeking to apply their skills and passion to improve business on the African continent. The strength of our movement stems from the diversity of our Fellows, each of whom brings a unique personal and professional background. Through your application, we want to understand your personal background, your professional skills and experiences and how these factors inform your desire to be an LDI Africa Fellow. A primary way that we identify LDI Africa Fellows is their approach to leadership. We have found that LDI Africa Fellows are committed to the following leadership practices.

LDI Africa Fellows are agents of change who are:

(1) Collaborative: LDI Africa Fellows collaborate with colleagues in their work environment to achieve business goals.
(2) Inspire and mobilize others: LDI Africa Fellows leaders are willing to teach, inspire and mobilize others in their business community towards improved socio-economic change in Africa.
(3) Adapt and Innovate: Fellows can weather adversity and remain committed to their goals. They see challenges and uncertainty as opportunities to create new solutions to old problems. They think outside the box.
(4) Self-aware and committed to learning: Fellows understand that their development as leaders, practitioners and humans is a life-long process that requires humility, continual reflection and work.
(5) Result oriented: LDI Africa Fellows get things done! Actively working against a “business as usual” attitude, they deliver on their targets while empowering their communities and assisting their organizations to achieve their set goals.