Who is an LDI Fellow

The LDI Africa Fellow is a rising business, non-profit, government, technical, and development leader actively seeking opportunities for global leadership development, with a focus on African emerging markets. The LDI Africa fellowship program is, therefore, designed to provide this leader with crucial on-the-ground professional experience, expanded networks for collaboration and impact, and opportunities for leadership growth and development. The substantive work experience attained not only develops and expands concrete and technical skills, but is also a platform to achieving transformative social and economic change on the continent.

Fellows complete a year-long service engagement with leading African nonprofit and profit organizations, lending their expertise and human capital to develop and enhance the host organization’s standing in the international marketplace. They participate in shaping the global strategy of their host organization, encourage cultural diversity and exchange, and promote capacity building for long-term sustainability. There are three overarching qualities for an LDI Africa Fellow – leadership, cross-cultural competency, and service.

  • Leadership – Fellows possess both a natural and acquired competence for problem solving, thinking outside the box, and change making. Leadership experience is not simply connected to paid positions or professional titles; personal, volunteer and internship experience count as well.
  • Cross-cultural competency and collaboration are at the core of LDI Africa’s work. We believe the world is always a better place when ideas and talent are allowed to cross borders and engage. Therefore, we are seeking Fellows who are highly adaptable to new work or cultural environments and are committed to promoting diversity and respectful intellectual exchange in their assigned organization and country.
  • Service – As we continue to match global talent to local opportunities in African organizations, we are seeking Fellows with the passion to serve. Individuals who desire to contribute their talents in a unique pro bono international service that effects not just a company but a larger ecosystem. Ultimately, we want Fellows who are driven to make an impact using their unique skill sets on the frontline of innovation and impact in Africa.

In summary, the main qualities of an LDI Africa Fellow are as follows:

  1. The LDI Africa Fellow is a rising business and development leader seeking opportunities for global leadership development, particularly in African emerging markets.
  1. An emerging professional keenly interested in a long-term career promoting African development.
  1. An emerging professional who recognizes international work experience, particularly in emerging markets, as necessary towards developing his/her global leadership competency.
  1. A professional committed to service in Africa and lending their expertise and talent through pro bono consulting in order to achieve transformative change.
  2. An aspiring global leader with a deep understanding and appreciation of international service as the logical next step for their professional career trajectory and goals.

For more information and to apply visit: https://www.ldiafrica.org/pages/fellowships