Frequently Asked Questions


What documents are needed to apply for the Fellowship?

Required documents are a completed application form, a resume, a cover letter and two letters of recommendation. Applicants are required to download the application form online at Application inquiries can be sent to There are no fees required to apply for the program.

Who is eligible to apply for the EIFP Fellowship?

Young business and nonprofit professionals with 2 to 10 years of work experience, and with strong familiarity with or interest in Africa. Applicants must also have an undergraduate or post-graduate degree.

Is the fellowship open to only Africans?

No, although initially started with an emphasis on Diasporan Africans, EIFP Fellowship is open to all nationalities. Our fellows represent various countries and ethnicities.

What is the typical profile of an EIFP Fellow?

A typical EIFP Fellow has a professional background in business, management consulting, strategy, finance, social enterprise or international development. We look out for candidates with the qualities of leadership, adaptability, resourcefulness, communication, and cross-cultural competence. We seek candidates with a passion and commitment to Africa, and who are also interested in building a career in Africa after the fellowship (see related previously posed question).

I have never worked in Africa and I have never been to Africa, am I still eligible to apply?

Yes. The Fellowship provides opportunities to those who want to experience living and working in Africa. Working in each African country is a unique experience, and we encourage applicants to take advantage of this opportunity.

What languages must I speak to be able to apply for the fellowship?

For all fellowship assignments, English is the required language. Knowledge of French, Portuguese, Swahili or other African language is also encouraged, but not required.

I am currently enrolled in a graduate or school program, am I eligible to apply?

The program is not an internship program and is best suited for professionals, not students. We encourage you to apply after you have completed your entire course work. The EIFP typically lasts up to 12 months, and as a result, we seek Fellows who are able to fully commit this time to the program.



The Application

What is the timeline of the application process?

The program timeline can be found on the brochure. From the date the application ends, the process usually lasts 12 to 14 weeks before Fellows start at their host organizations.

May I send my application materials via post office?

No. Unfortunately we are only able to accept applications electronically.

What industries will fellows work in?

Fellows work in diverse industries, which include impact investing, startup enterprise, social enterprise and international development.

What is a typical job description of a fellow?

The work of Fellows ranges from supporting the launch of a $100 million investment fund for startups in Southern Africa, to developing an international exchange program for a West African school. While the specific project description varies, Fellows are provided a professionally rewarding leadership and service opportunity throughout the year.

How do I apply to become a fellow?

Apply at

How do I apply to become a host organization? (Remove from this section/ fellowship focus)

Prospective Host Organizations should send an email to

What are the benefits of the fellowship program?

Fellows gain exposure to Africa’s emerging markets, as well as experience the growth of Africa’s most innovative businesses. While working in their managerial role, they will benefit from a paid position, health insurance, housing and travel. Fellows advance professionally through training and development inculcated in their plans. After the fellowship, participants take advantage of potential opportunities through consulting, employment and seed capital investment.

I have health restrictions, who do I inform and when?

Before interviewing with host organizations, please inform LDI Africa of any health restrictions you may have. Your needs will be communicated to host organizations to ensure they can be catered to during your stay in the country.

Does the health insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

No. The health insurance provided by LDI Africa will cover emergencies and illnesses but does not cover pre-existing conditions. We advise fellows to make additional arrangements for any pre-existing conditions and bring these to the attention of LDI Africa before commencing the fellowship.


Selection Process

How are the interviews conducted?

Interviews are mainly conducted via Skype video. Shortlisted applicants undergo a preliminary interview with LDI Africa selection board member, and if successful will undergo a second interview round with a host organization(s). Based on these two interview rounds the fellowship decision will be reached by LDI Africa.

Can I choose my own host organization?

No. You may express your interest in a specific organization; however, the final decision of where you will serve is made by LDI Africa. Understand that you are not applying to serve with a specific organization but rather for the opportunity to be placed at one of our several partner organizations. If accepted for the fellowship program, we need you to be flexible and understand that you might be placed anywhere on the continent.

What happens once I have been selected as a finalist?

Once an applicant has been selected as a finalist, they will be notified via email and will be informed of their interview dates with host organizations. It is important to know that not all finalists will have the opportunity to be interviewed by a host organization.

How do I receive a Fellowship Offer?

Finalists will be notified via email by LDI Africa that they have been selected as a Fellow.

Can I refuse the fellowship?

Yes. Once finalists are offered a fellowship, they have 7 days to make a decision to accept or refuse the fellowship.

What happens after I accept the Fellowship?

Finalists are required to sign the EIFP Fellow Agreement within 7 days and send a signed copy via email to LDI Africa.  A copy of this agreement will have been provided to finalists weeks ahead, as well as the terms and conditions discussed over a Skype call.

Is there a program application fee? (Repeated)

No. There are no fees required to apply for the program.

Are there any financial responsibilities once I have been offered a fellowship?

Yes. Fellows are responsible for two financial commitments: Travel ticket and a $500 program deposit fee. Fellows may be offered specially discounted airfares, but are still responsible for their travel tickets, to and from the program.

What is a program deposit fee?

A program deposit fee is a one-time payment of $500 made by the fellow to LDI Africa once fellowship has been accepted. This is not an application fee but a deposit fee which helps to offset any financial liabilities that a Fellow may incur in the program. This fee will be refunded if the Fellow fulfills all the obligations of being an LDI Africa Fellow as stated in the EIFP Fellow Agreement. Fellows have up to 30 days after a contract has been signed to make this deposit. In the event that the fee has not been paid, LDI Africa reserves the right to cancel the fellowship contract. The commitment fee will be reimbursed in full upon completion of the fellowship.

What if I cannot afford the fees?

The program deposit fee is required and will not be waived. In the event that a fellow cannot afford the fee, please inform LDI Africa of financial constraints once the contract has been signed and payment options will be agreed between LDI Africa and the Fellow before commencement of the fellowship.

During the Fellowship

How long is the Fellowship?

The fellowship typically lasts for 12 months. In a few cases, we have had fellowships periods that have lasted for 6 months.

Can the Fellowship be extended?

Yes. Based on performance, a host organization may choose to extend the fellowship and a beneficial arrangement will be made with the fellow.

Can I be employed by the host organization after the fellowship?

Yes. The goal of the program is to help overseas professionals embrace long term career opportunities on the continent.

I have never been to my assigned country, how will I know my way around?

During orientation at the host organization, fellows will be informed of the culture of their surroundings and advised on security and their social life. Fellows are treated as adults and their movement is not restricted, however, each fellow is responsible for his or her personal safety outside of their accommodation.