LDI Africa Welcomes Leila Santos


We are proud to welcome Leila Santos to the LDI Africa staff team as our new Chief of Staff.


Leila Santos is a development leader with over a decade of experience that spans social enterprise, media, and the hospitality industry. The organizations she has worked with include Active Minds, Enroll America, New York University Press, and The World Bank.
Leila served on the World Bank Capacity Building Project in Cape Verde, where she prepared, monitored, and evaluated civil works and consulting contracts for a highly successful multi-million dollar 10-year project in collaboration with the government of Cape Verde.
She most recently served on the development team of Active Minds, a Washington DC based, student-led mental health advocacy organization, where she helped plan their annual fundraising event, which raised over $80,000. She also contributed to the organization’s communications strategy and assisted with donor relations.
Prior to this role, she wrote and edited for the American Excursionist, a travel startup based out of Miami FL. Leila was based in the NY office where she help provide content for the company’s PR and customer engagement campaigns. Leila Santos is currently focusing on applying her diverse experience to support the development and communications work of nonprofits in the U.S with international focus. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia in Foreign Affairs and Economics. Leila is a native of Cape Verde Islands with a passion for travel, food, culture, and the arts.