Gamble with Care

As an entrepreneur and coach, I work with successful professionals and organizations across Africa to identify and capitalize on their personal/brand strengths to achieve business goals. We use different tools to help the client remain mindful, focused and committed to the achievement of their goals.

We often miss out on opportunities in life because we do not understand the power we have over situations, people and things. Life is a series of opportunities available for us to capitalize on and every door to an opportunity needs a special card to open it. We help clients to be able to identify the cards in their hands and how to use these to unlock the best winning opportunities for their businesses. Let's take it to Las Vegas... our clients learn skills to shuffle and arrange these cards in a way that guarantees that they will win every game or get thrown out of the casino - whichever comes first. This is what makes them successful, owning and mastering this skill. But what happens when you are handed all the winning cards that open literally all the doors to the biggest wins of your life? What happens when you don't even notice that you have these cards?

I came to the USA to study Leadership in Civic Engagement so I can use the skills and experience to build on the work I do back in South Africa. In the nine weeks, I have been here I have been exposed to so much knowledge that my head literally hurts. I studied business models that I plan to implement back home in collaboration with other Young African Leaders across Africa. 

Paulo Coelho said that when you want something, all of the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. It is important to not want everything but focus on what you need. It sounds like #NiceLifeProblems but it is our reality especially in an era of Instagram and reality tv - both of which by the way are not real. Books like  Essentialism, Borderless Voice and The One Thing highlight that although you cannot fix all of life's problems, you will be more effective when you focus on the things that you are most passionate about and yield the best returns - then go all in. This needs you to be present in every moment and learn to politely say no to everything else - or refer those to someone who may have an interest. To be able to do this you need to talk to the man in the mirror and define your own unique identity.  Having a clear vision of yourself, your strengths allows you to identify which cards need to be played first and which need to put at the back of the deck for later. Through this arrangement of your power cards, you are able to plan for the short, medium and long term of the game - unless you are kicked out of the casino!

In her address at the AU PADYA 2nd General Meeting held in Washington DC, Her Excellency Ambassador Arikana Chihombori-Quao challenged us to focus our energies on growing Africa and the continental economy, or else others will. As usual, her speeches leave one inspired and challenged to identify themselves as a powerful force for transformation in Africa. We were challenged to be the ones who tell the story of Africa, to rewrite the next chapters of history. To commit all our efforts into building a prosperous Africa that we will be proud of. To arrange our cards such that Africa is in our main agenda. To take advantage of and actively drive the successful implementation of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement. 

It is reported that the USA plans to withdraw foreign aid which will negatively impact Africa, but a blessing in disguise nonetheless. Africa will need all her children to unite as a family to find the best ways to take care of her family. Each of us needs to identify our roles within the family, our strengths, the cards we hold in our hands and arrange these in ways that will help our family overcome poverty and unemployment. To build social enterprises that benefit Africa as a family, to advocate for equal treatment of all members of this family. Africa is our family. 
You see, Africa has been that casino where the house never won. The players dealt themselves power cards that guaranteed their win and the family members are excluded from the table. 

It is time that we WANT to grow our Africa so the universe conspires to help us prosper her. It is a time for us to commit ourselves to the most essential, most critical capabilities, to play our power cards - and go all in before we get thrown out of the casino.